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Ship In Repair Service

Ship it


   We Diagnose & Repair

Return to You!


*Average Turnaround  2-3 days

                           -not including transit times


This service is recommended for Laptops and Small Desktops (SFF), Shipping Medium/Large Desktops, and All-In-One PC's will result in higher shipping costs and specialty boxes.

We can give you an estimated shipping & repair cost range over the phone prior to any shipping.  Final repair costs will be verified and disclosed to you at the completion of diagnostics, at which time we will require verbal approval to proceed with the repair.  If repair is declined, your equipment will be shipped back to you and return shipping costs will be charged to your credit card.  You have the option to dispose/scrap the equipment in order to save on return shipping costs if so desired.

A Repair Pre-Authorization and a Credit Card is required, *Do Not Ship until Pre-Authorized (Equipment sent to us without Pre-Authorization will not be accepted, and you run the risk of not getting your equipment back).   If Option 2 is requested, you will be charged for a box (est. $15-$20), shipping costs to get the box to you (est.$10-$15 depending on location), and shipping costs for the pre-paid label back to us (est. $15-$20). Box and all shipping charges are non-refundable, shipping insurance is optional (varies by est. value) and if not requested all shipping is at your own risk. Actual shipping costs can be disclosed by providing us with your address. 


Repairs must be approved or denied within 15 days (starting on the day we provide Final Repair Costs) or equipment will be considered abandoned and not returned.  No Guarantee regarding damage, data, or software, we will take all reasonable precautions, however we will not  be held responsible for loss of or damage to equipment, data, or software by any cause  whatsoever, furthermore we highly recommend backing up important data or software prior to shipping any equipment to us. 

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