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Return Policy

All Sales Final, No Returns, No Exchanges.

All products and services are sold as-is, with no warranty or guarantee

unless otherwise indicated on an official receipt issued by P C Pro Now, LLC.



Company Policy - Terms



All products and services sold require full payment in the form of Cash or

Major Credit Card up front or immediately upon return of equipment.

Checks and all other payment methods will not be accepted. 

Prices are subject to change at any time,

(Checks may be accepted from verified businesses with credit card provided as backup).

We are not responsible for errors and mistakes regarding specifications,

descriptions, or prices on our websites, advertising, or any printed materials.

Equipment left at our location:  Original ticket (issued by P C PRO NOW, LLC) and/or state issued identification proving ownership must be presented to retrieve your equipment.  Equipment owner agrees to pay in full for all services rendered and hardware (used to to facilitate services when necessary) prior to return of equipment.  ALL ITEMS LEFT AT YOUR OWN RISK, we will take all reasonable precautions, however we will not  be held responsible for loss of or damage to equipment, loss of data or software by any cause whatsoever, furthermore we highly recommend backing up important data or software prior to leaving any equipment with us.  We will attempt to contact owner of items left, however it will remain the owners responsibility to communicate intentions and coordinate pick up of items within 60 days after the items were left.  Items left beyond 60 days will be considered abandoned and owner relinquishes possession and rights over all property.  

Abandoned items will be, scrapped, salvaged and/or resold ensuring recovery of lost time, storage, and money owed for sales and services rendered.  By leaving equipment with us you agree to all of these terms.

 (These terms are also posted in our shop and printed on the ticket you were given at the time of drop off)

Thank you for your understanding, -Management.

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