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Shop Hours

Monday thru Friday
OPEN:  9:00am - 6:00pm 

(no appointment needed)

Saturday - by appointment only

Closed Sundays and Major Holidays

Alerts & Temporary Closures:

We will be unavailable Monday thru Friday from 2:50pm-3:20pm

Please avoid this time frame if you are in a rush.



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Voice & Text Messages




P C Pro Now, LLC

104 S. White Horse Pike

Berlin, NJ  08009

Located between

W. Broad Ave and Rich Ave

(near the Berlin Diner)

Questions & Answers

Q:  Do you require an appointment?      A:  No appointment necessary during our normal business hours, however we may close temporarily for various                                                                         reasons.  We advise checking the alerts above or calling to verify we'll be here when you arrive.


Q:  What are your fees/costs?               A:  We have an hourly rate set at $110, and various flat rates for specific jobs. Normally we recommend

                                                                 bringing  in your equipment in for a free visual diagnosis where we can evaluate and give you an appropriate

                                                                 estimate and time frame.  More advanced physical diagnostics can be provided starting at $60.

Q:  Do you replace cracked screens?    A: Yes- Laptops (PC & Apple) including Touchscreens. 

                                                          *We do not replace screens on Phones or Tablets, and "All in One PC's" are usually too expensive to obtain the screens.


Q:  Do you repair TV's and Monitors?    A: We can repair some by replacing the circuit boards via the second hand market (used/refurbished parts).

                                                               We do not repair or replace cracked screens, the parts are simply not available.

Q:  Do you work on printers?                A: Yes- however keep in mind most inkjet printers are worth less than the services/parts they may require.

                                                              Laser printers can be repaired however parts can add up quickly and limited availability makes them expensive.


Q:  Do you Solder?                              A: Yes, we solder DC Jacks and other similar components. *We do not perform micro-soldering (USB, HDMI Ports, etc)

Q:  Do you provide on-site service?       A: We no longer offer On-Site Service at your location, we only provide these services to our contract clients.

                                                                       *If you are interested in our annual service contract options, contact us to setup an evaluation.

Have more questions?  Send us a text or email.   -Thanks!

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